This is available to assist with the playing surface. There are a number of other interested parties, so it may well be a case of the highest number of votes cast will see the Rams successful.

Voting ends next Monday 13th December.

Can we ask that you please get your votes in as soon as possible and encourage others to do so. There is a list of applicants and you will need to vote for RAMSBOTTOM UNITED and FOUR others (any votes with less than five ticks will not be counted).

Please see below the details as sent out by Bury Council. You will need to vote on the “North Pitch” section:

  1. In order for us to ensure the public are only having one vote online you must first register or Log in if you have previously registered.
  2. You can then read the snapshot of what each group is applying for by going directly to the voting section.
  3. You can also click on each area below and download detailed documents of what each group is applying for to understand how they will use what they are applying for, this will give you more of an understanding of how it will make a difference to the community.
  4. You must then vote for 5 groups.
  5. Submit your votes.
  6. The list of successful applicants will be made mid-December.

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