Here is a list of the Ramsbottom United Football Club honours since our formation in 1966.
1966/67Runners-UpParks Cup
1967/68Runners-UpParks Cup
 WINNERSKenyon Cup
1971/72WINNERSCornall Cup
1972/73CHAMPIONSBolton Combination Division One
1974/75WINNERSBolton Hospitals Cup
1976/77CHAMPIONSBolton Combination Premier Division
 WINNERSBolton Combination Open Cup
1979/80WINNERSBolton Combination Jackson Cup
1981/82Runners-UpBolton Combination Jackson Cup
1982/83Runners-UpBolton Combination Second Division Cup
 Runners-UpBolton Combination Second Division
1983/84WINNERSBolton Combination Open Cup
1984/85Runners-UpBolton Combination First Division
 CHAMPIONSBolton Boys Federation Under 16 League
1985/86Runners-UpBolton Combination Jackson Cup
 Runners-UpBolton Boys Federation Under 18 League
 WINNERSBolton Boys Federation Under 18 Jubilee Cup
1986/87WINNERSLancashire F.A. Under 18 Cup
 WINNERSBolton Boys Federation Under 18 Jubilee Cup
 CHAMPIONSBolton Boys Federation Under 18 League
1987/88Runners-UpBolton Combination Open Cup
1990/91WINNERSManchester League Division One Cup
 CHAMPIONSManchester League Division One
1993/94Runners-UpYorkshire Cup
 WINNERSBury & Radcliffe Junior Under 16 Cup
 CHAMPIONSBury & Radcliffe Junior Under 16 League
1994/95WINNERSGilgryst Cup
1994/95Runners-UpManchester Festival of Football
 WINNERSManchester County FA Youth Cup
 WINNERSBolton Boys Federation Jubilee Cup
 WINNERSBolton Boys Federation Cup
 CHAMPIONSBolton Boys Federation Premier League
1995/96WINNERSNorth West Counties Division Two Cup
1996/97CHAMPIONSNorth West Counties Division Two
1997/98WINNERSNorth West Counties Reserve Division Cup
1998/99WINNERSBolton Hospitals Cup
 CHAMPIONSNorth West Counties Reserve Division North
2000/01Runners-UpBolton Boys Federation Jubilee Cup
2001/02CHAMPIONSBolton Boys Federation Premier League
 Runners-UpBolton Hospitals Cup
2005/06WINNERSBolton Hospitals Cup
2006/07WINNERSBolton Hospitals Cup
2007/08WINNERSBolton Hospitals Cup
2010/11Runners-UpNorth West Counties League Premier Division
2011/12CHAMPIONSNorth West Counties League Premier Division
2013/14PLAY-OFF WINNERSEvo-Stik Nortnern Premier League Division 1 North