by | Mar 8, 2024

Further to the news back in January that Martyn had to step back from playing after suffering severe migraines, he has now provided us with an update that he wishes to share with us all.

Having received a call from the hospital, Martyn was advised to come in for another CT scan as the doctors thought he might need surgery. The results of the scan showed a cyst on his brain that required removing.

Martyn had known about the cyst but was told it was never a problem until now as it was causing problems with the flow of fluid in his brain.

The doctors required him to go in urgently as it could cause sudden death if not removed.

Martyn’s surgery was carried out today.

Martyn’s fiancée Lucy contacted Steve Wilkes earlier and provided an update on his condition.

“Martyn’s out of surgery now and back on the ward, very groggy and still awaiting info from the surgeons about how it went and details of his recovery but wanted to let you know he’s alive.”

Lucy then provided a further update a little later.

“They’ve said it went well and are hopeful for a speedy recovery. He’s having the drain hopefully taken out early next week and then will be able to assess when he can go home.”

Following speaking with Lucy, Rammy manager Wilkes added, “On behalf of my family and everyone at Ramsbottom United, we all wish Scholsey a speedy recovery. He is in all our thoughts and prayers and we hope to see him back on the pitch at some stage.”