One of the mainstays of the Ramsbottom United team, there is no doubting the legendary status of our next “Looking Back” profile… John Blackley. He reminisces of his days with the club.

Name: John Blackley
Appearances: 254 (10 as sub)
Goals: 7
Yellow cards: 38
Red cards: 3
Seasons: 7 – 2004/05 to 2010/11

How did you come to join Ramsbottom United?
My dad played for Rammy and my uncle did as well so it was always in the blood. I think it was always on the cards that I would play for Ramsbottom United at some point.

Rammy highlight?
Can’t really pick out any highlight as I did enjoy most of my time at the club and it is something I look back on with some fond memories.

Favourite game?
One game that sticks out was in my first season at Rammy and we beat Fleetwood Town away 2-1. It kicked off big time but we had some handy lads and we got a deserved win followed by a night out around Blackpool. Loved a good away win. It was a great team to be in that season.

Rammy lowlight?
Leaving Rammy was a lowlight. I didn’t really want to go but deep down it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t getting a look in due to the high standard and some bad decisions by myself.

Best player you played with?
I played with quite a few decent players at Rammy over the years but Bill Robertson was a great player who I played centre half with in my first season. He was quality and a great lad too.

Player to avoid on the pitch?
A player to avoid on the pitch would be someone like Carl Lomax because he would probably spend half of the game telling you how good he is!!! Played with some tough players too but Bernard Morley or Barry Massey knew how to look after themselves on the pitch. Big Barry was a lunatic but a top, top guy..

Funniest moments?
Had some top times at Rammy and had some outrageous moment that I couldn’t even begin to tell you here!! Most of the stuff that happens in the changing rooms belongs in there!