A new feature for the website will see us get to know a little bit more about the players and the staff at Ramsbottom United with a factual and fun questionnaire all about themselves.

And the first in the ‘hot seat’ (the first one to reply…..) is Jake Thompson.

So, here is a look into the world of Jake!

Name: Jake Thompson
Position: Forward
Former clubs: Huddersfield Town, Liversedge
Birthplace: Halifax, West Yorkshire
Nickname: Thommo
Occupation: Motor Insurance
Club Supported: Liverpool F.C.

Career Highlight: Playing against Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho and Trent Alexander-Arnold in the Under 15s for Huddersfield Town

Rammy Highlight so far: Initiation song with all the lads when I first signed on… it was dreadful

Pre-Match or In-Game superstition: I drink two full cans of Red Bull 30 mins before every match

Describe yourself In one word: Crackers

How would your teammates describe you in one word: Legend

Which Rammy Player would you hate to play against: Owen Collinge (Codge) because I think he’s the only player that might actually keep up with me as the rest of them are all far too slow

Footballing or Sporting Inspiration: Lionel Messi

Favourite Footballer Of All Time: Ronaldinho

Favourite Current Player: Erling Haaland

How do you chill: Lounge about clothes on watching Coronation Street with my girlfriend Emily (had to give her a mention)

Any bad or annoying habits: I always set the table left handed but when I sit down I switch them round and eat right handed (no idea why?)

Your funniest moment In football: When I thought Diego was subbing me and I started walking off then realised I was wearing number 11 and not number 7 so it wasn’t me who was being subbed off

Tell us something we won’t know about you: I eat six Weetabix for breakfast everyday because, well, why not when its that nice and you can buy a 48 pack from Sainsburys for £4.00 (bargain!!!)

There will be more to come over the course of the next few weeks.